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Regulations on Vietnam e-visa photo requirements and size

Last update: Jun 25 2020

One of the requirements when applying for an e-visa to Vietnam is a soft copy of your photo for upload. And it’s essential that you provide the right Vietnam e-visa photo as failure to do so may result in Vietnam e-visa delayed or rejected.

In this post, we will guide you through the Vietnam e-visa photo requirements that should be strictly followed. This will serve as your guide for a hassle free e-visa application online.

Vietnam e-visa photo requirements

You often see the requirements of passport-size photo, but exactly what it means. Here, we will list specifications that your Vietnam e-visa passport photo is required to meet:

  • Your Vietnam e-visa photo size should be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches.
  • Its format should be either in GIF or JPG. PDF or PNG files are not accepted.
  • It must not exceed 2 MB in size.
  • Your photo must be in color and contain no filter.
  • Your Vietnam e-visa picture should clearly show your face.
  • Your facial expression in your e-visa image should be neutral, and your mouth should be closed instead of smiling.
  • For your clothing, you should wear something with a color but avoid those in white as it has the same color as the image background.
  • The photo should be taken in the latest 6 months.

Here are illustrations for Vietnam e-visa photos which meet that Vietnam e-visa picture requirements.

Vietnam e-visa photo samples
Vietnam e-visa photo samples

Vietnam e-visa photos requirements for children

If this is a family trip and you are taking your kids with you to Vietnam, then you need to apply for e-visa for them, and of course, you need a soft copy of their picture as well. However, it’s a little bit difficult to take photos of kids.

So, what are the Vietnam e-visa picture requirements for children? We have just listed here some guidelines that you need to follow:

  • The photo should clearly show your child’s face.
  • It must be taken in the latest 6 months.
  • It also should be 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches, in JPG or GIF, and in 2 MB at maximum.
  • Your child should have his/her eyes open.

Where to take Vietnam e-visa photo

You can take your photo for e-visa application for Vietnam from any photo studio. Any photographer is quite familiar in taking this type of photo.

And since you will need a soft copy for upload in completing the e-visa form online, just request the photographer to provide you a soft copy, instead of taking a hard one and then scanning it for upload.

In case you apply for a Vietnam e-visa with us, you can use the PhotoScan app developed by Google to take your e-visa photo.

How to Upload Your Photo for Vietnam e-visa application online?

There will be nothing difficult for you to upload your photo to the e-visa application form with us.

In case you cannot upload your photo, just get in touch with us.

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