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Vietnam evisa for Australian citizens – Requirements & How to get

Last update: Aug 11 2020

Acquiring a visa to visit Vietnam is the thing that all Australians are REQUIRED to do before their every trip to Vietnam. This process is now nothing complicated for Australians to enjoy a vacation in Vietnam as they are qualified for Vietnam e-visa, which means that they can apply for a valid visa to Vietnam online without going to an Embassy or Consulate or getting it upon arrival.

In this article, we will give you all details about Vietnam evisa for Australian passport holders.

1. How long can I stay in Vietnam with this E-visa?

With an e-visa for Vietnam, you are able to remain in the country for up to 30 days (single entry) with your Australian passport.

2. What documents do I need to provide to apply for my Vietnam e-visa?

To get an evisa to Vietnam, you don’t need to prepare any documents in hard copy, just provide us with:

  • Soft copy of your passport personal data page
  • Soft copy of your photo

3. What are the cost and processing time of Vietnam e-visa for Australia passport holders?

The government fee for Vietnam e-visa for Canadian citizens is fixed at:

  • US $25 for a single entry evisa, and
  • US $50 for a multiple entry evisa.

The processing time by the Government is as follows:

Processing timePercentage of applicants
<3 working days5%
3 working days75%
4-5 working days15%
>5 working days5%

Besides, by submitting your e-visa application through Vietnam-evisa.org.vn, you will need to pay us a service fee to act as your agent with the Vietnam Immigration Department to get your Vietnam e-visa application processed, and your e-visa letter issued on time as guaranteed and delivered to your registered email.

 The service fee may vary depending on the type of processing time as follows:

Visa type

Processing time

Visa fee (USD/Pax)

1-2 pax

3-4 pax

From 5 pax

30-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




30-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




4. How long does it take to apply for this eVisa to Vietnam?

With Vietnam-evisa.org.vn, you only need around 5 minutes to complete our e-visa application form online.

5. How to get Vietnam e-visa for Australians?

Your Vietnam e-visa process will be made much simplified with our assistance. Our process to get e-visa to Vietnam for US citizens is divided into 3 simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Fill in the online application form with general questions and upload photos of your passport and portrait.
  • Step 2: Revise step one and make the payment.
  • Step 3: Receive your e-visa letter delivered to your registered email within the guaranteed time.

Important notes for Vietnam e-visa for Australians

  • You are required to enter Vietnam via one of 41 evisa entry ports
  • Your e-visa port is fixed and you are required to enter Vietnam via the issued port
  • You don't need any hotel booking to apply online.

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