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Vietnam e-visa for Chinese citizens – Easy to get

Last update: Aug 11 2020

All Chinese passport holders are REQUIRED to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam, and fortunately getting a visa to Vietnam for Chinese citizens is now quite easy and convenient thanks to Vietnam e-visa whose application is made 100% online and holders can gain expedited entry upon arrival at Vietnam e-visa port.

This post is all about Vietnam eVisa for Chinese citizens, covering e-visa overview, evisa requirements and how to get it fast and easy.

Overview of Vietnam e-visa for China passport holders

Here are some quick facts about Vietnamese evisa for Chinese citizens:

  • E-visa for Vietnam for Chinese citizens is valid for up to 90 days with single or multiple entry and for tourism, business, working and relative visit as well.
  • E-visa works at these 41 ports of entry and exit only, and it requires its holder to enter Vietnam via the port granted in their e-visa letter.

1. Vietnam eVisa requirements for China citizens

To get a Vietnam e-visa, holders of China passport should have:

  • A passport valid for at least 06 months from the date of arrival. This passport should not be the electronic one.
  • An Email Address to which notifications and the e-Visa will be sent;
  • A debit or credit card to pay for the e-visa fees.
  • Scan of passport personal data page; and
  • Soft copy of passport-size picture.
  • A fixed port of entry into Vietnam.

2. Vietnam eVisa processing time for Chinese citizens

For China citizens who need an e-visa to Vietnam, whether you are offered the NORMAL or URGENT eVisa service, in which the processing of your Vietnam e-visa will be completed within only:

  • 5 – 7 working days for NORMAL service, or
  • 4 working days for URGENT service.

3.  Vietnam e-visa fees for China citizens

Generally, when using the e-visa service for Vietnam, the applicants shall need to pay 02 kinds of fee, consisting of:

  • Government Fee: which is
    • US $25 for a single entry visa, and
    • US $50 for a multiple entry visa.
  • Service fee: paid for our service of conducting all the paperwork and arrangement for your Vietnam e-visa. This fee depends on your desired processing time.

All these fees will be paid to us upon your submission of Vietnam e-visa application. We are proud of not only offering the best secured payment but also the reliable and fastest service.

See the table below for total fees of Vietnam e-visa you need to pay.

Visa type

Processing time

Visa fee (USD/Pax)

1-2 pax

3-4 pax

From 5 pax

30-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




30-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




4. How to get Vietnam e-visa for Chinese passport holders

You need to follow these 02 procedures to get full Vietnam e-visa and successful entry into Vietnam.

Before departure:

Good news is that the application for Vietnam visa is done 100% online. What you need is a computer/ laptop or just a mobile phone connected to the Internet. Then you:

  1. Fill in the Vietnam e-Visa application form online,
  2. Revise details provided in the application form and pay for the e-visa fees,
  3. Receive e-visa letter delivered to your email within the guaranteed time and print it out.

Upon arrival at Vietnam e-visa port:

  1. Submitting original Passport + printed Vietnam e-visa letter directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officer to complete the entry procedure.

That is it!

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